Porcelain Dolls

Every day it's the same

regular routine

She'll wake up

and smile

happy, as it seems

She'll brush her hair

change to clothes

that is required 

for her day

but as soon as she

see's a mirror

her smile is gone

her happiness fades

Her reflection follows

her every movement

a blink

step back

sadness that's bent


in her eyes

a tear escapes

and down her cheek

falling to the ground

in glittering harmony

it's impact noiseless

but loud to her ears

the mirror is moving

her shirt is being torn

anger and depression

choking her form

ragged pieces

a sharpened blade

pressed down to skin

her spirit concaves

pretty little lines

trace down her arms

the rubied jewels spill out

her nerves are ringing alarms

but her heart is numb

She stops before its too late

throws away her clothes

and get'd dressed once again

She'll forget it for now

her smile's a fraud

but you won't know


She's a living doll

The End

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