Porcelain Art

Their fingertips traced my lips

Slowly grasping my smile, my cheek,

Amazed at something that holds so much

Can’t help not to touch, a curious mind, he has

I stare, as if I’m a porcelain doll as his eyes grazes my canvas

His fingertips slide down my spinal cord,

Slowly making music down my back

Being forward, wasn’t his objective,

Wondering how I worked, how I moved, obsessed was his curiosity.

One fingertip forming into a hand caressing my bump,

As it splits into two different paths causing him to examine further

Still I stand their, like a porcelain doll,

Just put on pause, all I can move is my eyes, and feel every touch

I can feel his every move

His hand grips my thighs, and he watches my eyes,

He can feel the goose bumps forming

The  first pops up and he chases it to my chest

Feeling my soft spots, my sensual spots,

Looking for my weakness, he can feel my heart beats

And then he introduced player 2

The other hand, starts on my lips

Player 1, resting on my chest,

Player 2 gliding through my hair,

He puts his brush on my skin

And my defense walls stand tall

He sees them, then smiles,

His paint brush, colored in red,

Traces player 1’s path on me

Next was green as he splashed it on me

Then was my favorite color, a crisp baby blue against player 2

My brown skin started to seek through his portrait

He smiled as it started to come clear

He smeared black and gray and white on me

He tattooed lines on me, as I stand here, his porcelain art

And then he un paused me.

I took a breath through my royal purple eyes, and he guided me

To the mirror to see what he has done

A glass rose standing in concrete, through the storm and now standing tall and unique in the sunlight.

I was amazed at his art, then he pulled off his shirt

And I found out he had the same exact art painted on his body, his brown skin cause the right ink to sink in, but something about his art that was different from mine

Was his rose was colored royal purple and wrapped around the glass rose in the concrete and his eyes were painted glass.

He wanted to tell me, I’m not alone anymore…

The End

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