This poem, is simply about death, and valuing what you have, and those memories that make you smile. Poppy is my families old dog who died a while ago, and this is kinda just me remembering her I guess.

If I die 
bury me beneath the porch
so I can remain
where the memories are fresh
and the kisses still feel warm

A bitter goodbye
Illuminated by the green wax candle
and kept moving
by the old rocking chair
that creeks ever so slightly
when forced before the wind

The dog still sits at my feet some mornings
even after the passing
her breath still smelling of raw meat
and remaining as unpleasant as it were
when she were alive 

I miss things
i've been dead for less time than I were alive
and now all i want is to breathe like i used to
feel the blissful warmth of a shower
and the pleasures of so called sin

Just bury me
close to your heart
beside Poppy
wrapped in the old carpet
cosy and warm, forever in our hearts. 

The End

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