Poor Little Old Me...

I am sorry, but this rant is a long time coming and I feel this has to be said. If you don't agree, that's fine.


Did I tell you about how sad I am?!

I... Am very, very sad.

Because I'm different. :(

And bad things have happened to me. :''(

And no one cares about me.


And did I tell you my life story?

Of course I did.

I posted the whole thing online.

Became famous.

Did it reduce you to tears?

Of COURSE it did.

Because my life is just tragic. :'''(

And I must tell the world all about it

So they can feel sorry for me

And tell me how wonderful I am

So I can feel good about myself

Instead of dealing with it

Like the rest of the world does.


And did I tell you?

I am very very talented.

But no one recognizes my talent. :(

This also makes me sad. :''(

But it's okay because everyone online will praise me

And tell me I'm wonderful."

The End

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