Donald Duck and his friends

Nostalgia Danced Lightly on My Mind


Nostalgia danced lightly on my mind.

Faded in and out of focus in my head.

Your face is a blur of shadows and light splitting apart.

All that’s left is a spectrum,

Lines of colour,

Might as well have been a blur.

Still such a voyeur,

Because all that’s left is a feeling

I don't even know if it's true.

I remember joy outstretching beyond the confines of my physical world.

 Trying to reach the heights of jubilation.

But limited to my physical creations.

So many dreams are sewn but never worn.

I want to wear them out at the knees.

No longer lost in the visions…

You can’t lose what you fabricate.

I want to look back and see you.

Complete and whole.

Colour set back within my irises.

Images pushed back into my brain.

I want to look back and see you.


 On the moon


I made you a paper airplane

I missed my home, in you

I pretended to soar across the midnight sky

But I didn’t get consumed by all of its vastness,

The tales of loss that remained dormant in the stars

I flew right to you

I landed softly on your rooftop

I tapped on your window

You rose and rubbed your eyes

Sleepy drifting out of your eyes like fairy dust

Your body still pliant with sleep

Stretch for the journey ahead

But leave your head on your pillow

And with that we got into that paper plane and we flew off

I took you to the moon

We marveled at this new shade of white

Craters appearing like exposed ant hills

We sat there and stared out

We stared at everything

And everything looked so small

I could easily imagine my love surpassing the size of an ocean.

I wordlessly took your hand

And pointed out every tiny ,tiny sight

And the earth and the moon turned around the sun

Light our mirror ball as it reflected off those craters

Let’s not imagine for a moment…

Just close our eyes, let’s not imagine for a minute

 Just truly are the only ones here.



 Donald Duck and Friends


I slipped in through your window,

To find you sitting cross-legged on the floor.

Not calm enough to be meditating.

Your eyes milky white.

Or was that the shadows of the fluorescent  lights?

Shadows move like clouds in your eyes, as you peer up at me.

Your eyes now opaque and onyx black.

I shiver at your soul’s reflections.

Looking at nothing and finding nothing.


But I can guess where you left your lantern.

Your Mom said you left a strange message on her answering machine.

Something about Halloween in 1983.

So you  remember that?

You were Donald duck and I was Daisy.

It was a good year, we got lots of candy.

But what does it have to do with now?

You’re so stuck on relevance.

The tangible….


I can tell you want to go back,

I see your ears tipping forward seeking the catches in my voice.

The way you hold your jaw so tightly to keep from nodding.

Keeping away the nostalgia.

Nothing can be bittersweet!

Nothing can be bitter sweet, if you leave it all raw and incomplete.

Do you honestly want to spend the rest of your life as Donald Duck?

The End

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