Pole Star

You are my fixed star,
Always in my sky,
You're always there when I look up,
The only constant pin prick on light.
The anchor of my life,
You show me where I'm going.
You keep me on my path,
You're the only one keeping me here,
On the earth,
Sometimes, you're the only thing keeping the life in me too.

You're the Pole Star,
And I'm a sailor,
I'd never make it on my path,
Never get where I'm going,
Never get back home again.
If it wasn't for you.
You are my Pole Star.

And sometimes,
Most of the time, actually,
You not only guide me home,
But you're the one who keeps me wanting to go home,
Just so I can meet you.
Hug you,
Feel you're starry radiance.
Not most of the time, all of the time.

My Pole Star.

The End

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