Polar Vortex, Again

2 below degrees, and the schools are closed. The parents, who are glad to have children, are now groaning and whining. Me! Thank God I don’t have kids. I can look out the window and to see the cheerful kiddies playing in the snow and call it snow day. The parents called it the worst day of their lives. Us (selfish and self-centered) singles called it, the best revenge day of our lives.

I get to smile as I read on social media. Parents complaining about the kids come down the stairs to watch TV, instead of getting ready for school. Well, let’s drag our feet because the kids are home. Awww! What’s the matter? Not so cheerful anymore, are we parents? As for me, this selfish and self-centered single is enjoying herself with a glass of water and a station called, Create TV. :)

The End

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