Poisonous Dreams

Imprisoned in myself, thoughts becoming ugly,

Harsh as bleach, the dreams are nightmares now, all

Warped and twisted, heart skeletal and rotting, a meagre

Pulse of regret, the scent of turpentine dances dizzily,

The colours, bitter and acidic, a vomit of reds and blues.

Diseased, it stains my hands, the chemicals burn and scar

And you're like me but you hate that, the virus of outsiders slips

Into your wounds, all scarlet like painted lips, these daydreams are

Cancer, take me over and poison me,

You poison me,

Substance abuse, but I like you 'cause you're like me,

A toxic virus, a threat to society, and you're like me, a core of

Hatred wrapped in venom, let's overdose on our own disgust and

To hell with them all 'cause they want to control me.


The End

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