Poisoned Love

Love is a different experience for everyone, one love is the poisoned, so beautiful, so powerful, so strangling.

You could look into the eyes,

Then see the truth,

But from afar, its hidden quite beautifully.

The Hearts bursting at the seams turning a purple,

beating faster, faster, quicker, quicker,

quite simply on the edge of exploding.

The poison is running through the veins, the mind,

with simple yet effective words of awe.

Worship, respect, love, passion,  doesnt make sense.

being pulled from heaven, down to hell and back,

back and forth, love then hate, hate then love.

You almost feel like nothing, numbed and empty,

so soulless, feeding off the aura of them.

They have eyes of Red, evil perhaps, but you dont see it that way.

Your just a shell, needing themto keep you alive,


Standing by them regardless,

regardless of the bad, the hurt, the pain, cause without them its nothing, no emotion.

The pain reminds you, that your still alive, but your addicted,

because they only know how to make it go away.

Feeding off them once more, drinking their poison.

strangled, suffocated, loving it.


The End

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