Poison the Wishing Well

Unnerved by yet another failure
I was left to scorn my obliterated self
Call it bad luck, call it a reality check
I keep on going because I know one day
I won’t be able to

I have never felt so content with this
I feel ugly and somehow I am used to it
Tell me otherwise, tell me sweet lies
I will laugh in spite of myself because
no one else will

Won’t you poison the wishing well
where I receive my self esteem
where I can truly believe
Won’t you poison the wishing well
where I can learn to cry
where I am bereaved

I don’t need patience just another drink
actually just anything to pass this phase
Let it falter, let it become the future
I can’t be beautiful because of who I am
yet you are...

I have passed through the lives of so many
I feel as though I am an empty parody
Raise me to believe, kick me when I am down
Just please let me feel some affection
or I will never know what I am missing out on

The End

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