Poison in His Lips

His lips, warm and tender

His breath, cool and tingling

The exhilarating thrill from a single skim

This heart he caught waits for him

I wanna feel but his lips are poison

His eyes like venomous love, contagious in my veins

To hold him in my arms, but I better not touch

His fingertips guide my chin, my lips to his

Temptation is so cruel; senses keep forbidding me to stop

The ice I’m skating on with him is thinning

The cold would gulp us, but his warmth will bury me into him

His love is poison

Virtue says to get away, but he’s under my skin

Prickling me with his scratching nails

His tongue lures me for more lust

Nipping at my neck and collar bone takes my last breaths away

All from the poison on his lips

The End

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