Poison Flowers and Pretty Shark Butterflies

Wondering and wandering.

Certain talented individuals
having a face which can cast a look
that with subtlety, completely
convinces you of something, without words
or gestures to emphasize.
It's all in the eyes, or the turn of a lip
sneering with superiority;
and disgust written like a scum on their
pretty little shark smiles.
The flip of silk, over the shoulder
or off the face
and a disdainfu shrug
like something has gotten in the way
of their ordained passage through life
and must be pushed to the side
or trampled over
with big black booted feet,
dressed in delicate ribbons and heels.
A dainty assasins sinful ways
dressed in the purity of her arrogance
which comes straight from the heart
and pierces with a treachery
to those standing
in the name of compassion.
Not I, for one, for why
would one be so backwards
and ignorantly unhappy
and selfishly interested in selves?
If it were not but a show put on
for them who wonder and wander
the bleak path from here to where we
never planned on going?
And it is us pretentious folk
who wander that road, anyway
There could be a second chance hidden here
But who will find it when
there is such beauty to gawk at and admire
in the lowest way possible
yet with imaginings of greatness
and grace and heavenly help?
Well that is something to dream for.

The End

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