Feel free to add poems that reflect on the dangers of drugs. It can be whatever style you want, just write when you're feeling randomly creative!

Need to get my poison,

Need to get my fix.

Don't need you all to judge me,

And I don't need any tricks.


I want to feel my world turning,

I want to feel my blood burning.

I want to get as high as ever,

Higher than a rocket, I know I can.


I can see the sky spinning,

I can see your eyes glistening.

The world is going crazy,

How could no one see this before?


Give me my poison,

Give me my fix.

Don't want any trouble,

Don't want any tricks.


Then suddenly the world stops turning,

My blood stops burning.

I can feel reality,

The cold, hard truth of sobriety.


And it's all OK when I fall to the ground,

And it's all OK when the spectators mill around.

When the darkness presses in and I am all alone,

They call the time of death, in a dark tone.


The useless, shabby, poisoned girl,

Just needed to get her fix.

I didn't want any trouble,

But I really did get tricked.

The End

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