Poet's Block

…Lately I’ve been struggling.
to scribble words and write,
Jotting lines, to be deleted.
Because it’s nothing that I like.

But why don’t I like it?
Because it doesn’t sound right?
Because I fail to extensively use audacious
Lexicon expeditiously?...maybe!
Or that I fear that my mind will
In some way deteriorate or rupture if I fail.
To write with such rhyming structure.
That when is spoken, performed, or sung,
Would not satisfy my narrators tongue.

Or is it about context?
Or how the concept is expressed?
How might one describe this best?
With a heavy conscience do I hold my pen,
And weighing my words with such pressure.

Destroying creativity. Manipulating freedom.
Through an overly high bar for which
My medium…is set.
That one might never achieve to be poet laureate.

Ryan Smith - 14/07/11

The End

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