Poets are dangerousMature

a poem about poets

Poets are fucking dangerous

They’re the world’s first die-hard

Over some printed ink


The first criminals to attack with pens

The first murderers to kill with words

The first suicidal to hang themselves with paper

The first drug addicts to shoot figurative language into their veins

The first stalkers of books

The first dictators of imaginary worlds

The first rioters of missing pages                                          

The first police officers of the printed word

The first warriors of a dead civilization

The first bodyguards of great ideas

The first supports of ‘a reason to feel’

The first anarchies of a corrupted society

The first living statues in a world based on time

The first dinosaurs of a ‘baby new’ obsessed world

The first old people born at 35

The first to fight to stay alive


The first to talk to cats

And prove what the world isn’t flat

The first  to choose mind over body

The first to state their work is a hobby

The first to take their anger

And force them into word shaped holes

The first to go deep underground

And become moles

The first ones that are kicked out

The first ones to sit in the gutters

And stare at the clouds

The first ones to get crushed down

Their rejection is profound

The first to turn paper into guns

And go to jail

The first ones to taste the governmental bread

And proclaim it stale

The first ones to be Rambo

Before it was cool

The first to runaway

Because they want to go to school


The world’s first fucking die hard

The world’s first fucking literary cop

These Poets are dangerous

But I dare you to ask them to stop







The End

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