Bathroom Blues

Glassy veneer;
Like faint morning frost
Reflects the early rays
Of a cold winter sun.

Puddles of water,
On a bathroom floor.
I peer into them,
And see an other side.

'Mirror, mirror
On the dirty floor.'
And he grins back,
Crazed and delirious.

Taken aback,
My smile vanishes.
But the naked man
Smiles on, unwavering.

I reach out,
As he reaches out to me.
Our fingers meet
In liquid resonance.

Now he is me
And I am him.
The two naked men
Are one now.

Ripples of the past
Echo between us.
And we watch each other,
'til one gently evaporates.

All that’s left now is
A lonely naked man,
Staring forlornly
At a dirty bathroom floor.

The End

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