An Ode to Oil

Aphotic aqua:
Shiny and smooth.
Seductive sunsets,
Reflecting off ravaged rigs.

Slick little sinking seals
Swimming side-by-side to
Oversized oil tankers,
Oozing oil.

With singing sea-gulls,
Black and bald,
Crooning caustic
Tunes of tribulation.

And oily otters,
Furs glazed with gooey gold,
Now worth way more
Than they ever did.

Sink them.
Drown them.
Poison them.
In their own decay.

Pressurize them;
And you got yourself
Some more of it,
To kill some more of them.

Ironic deaths -
We excel in them.
Collateral damage,
Is the name of the game.

We have straightened
The circle of life.
So take what you can,
And run.

And when you get to the end,
Burn a few candles,
Look back to the past
And pretend to give a damn. 

The End

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