She Dies - Craziantix

A scream unheard,

A face unseen,

A girl unwanted,

A life snuffed out.

It is not choice;

It’s discrimination.

For lack of a Y chromosome-

No real fault of her own-

She dies.


She hasn’t yet known the hate.

Has she been spared this fate?

The lustful eyes,

The jealous stares,

The pain of walking tall,

Suffering silently through it all.

Having known none of it,

This may be to her benefit,

She dies.


The fleeting comfort of the womb

Keeps her safe and contented.

Till the day they know her sex.

Till she’s betrayed by that hypocrite

Who took the Hippocratic oath,

And the unforgiving ultrasound.

Until that day,

She’s free to stay, and then,

She dies.


Evicted, Disposed of,

Mercilessly shunned.

Her life sentenced before it’s begun.

Persona non grata

She has become

And must now be gone.

The euphemism collapses;

The truth is clear;

She is murdered.

The End

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