Poetry X-Factor: Rounds 2 & 3

Second round of the Summer Poetry Tournament. Poems about real-life stuff. Do come read+comment

This round, the poets were asked to select a social, environmental, ethical, or even political topic for their poem.

Alrighty poets: It's almost time to post your poems for the second round of the tournament!

Make sure you've posted at least one draft of your poem and received some feedback in your group's topic before you post your poem here.

Poems need to show up here by 11:50PM Eastern Central Time on Saturday, June 25th

Again, feel free to discuss and critique and edit the poems after they are posted.

This round, each group of poets will be deciding which 2 poems from the other group will go on to round 3. Once you've read all 4 of the poems from the other group, post your order of preference in your group.

Example (1 being liked the most, 2, second most, and so on)

1. Stationary, by Soogles
2. Loveliness, by Wwawa
3. Ooog, by Jimp
4. Obituary, by Umtum

Then the poets in each can compare their lists and decide on which 2 poems come out mostly on top.  If if the group really can't decide, than than the judge looking after the group will make the final decision.. but don't make it come to that, please.

Editing schedule will be announced later.

The End

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