If only we could Predict- Maggie4ever

IfJohan’s parents would have known,

All the things their son has grown into,

If they only could have been able topredict,

The things their son would have picked,

They could have saved this addict.

TheGraffitiwas all to simple,

But really he should have been worrying about getting Pimples,

But than it changed.

He got into a few minorScrapes,

The scrapes turned into kids in bad shape.

It turned out he wasSwarmedby a gang,

And with a fewBangs,

He was not the same.

His parents sit in wait,

Praying they were not late.

They now say goodbye,

And watch their son die.

Now they watch them getting ready toinject,

And watch the poison take effect.

The End

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