The Final Battle - ixarux

The waves caress
The gentle giant, Jonah.
Old and toothless,
Cold and exhausted.

A fish on one side,
Vanquished and severed.
A broken claw on the other,
Stained in blood.

He's the painted warrior,
With skin of blue,
The shades of the sky,
Injected in his veins.

The painted graffiti,
Scraped off his skin,
Now washed away
By the inflamed waters.

He has fought long,
And he has fought hard.
Against the deadly swarms
Of soldier fish.

No one could predict
That this is how it would be :
A brutal war between
the turbid seas and the violent skies.

Bio-warfare was the future,
Our final hope.
One side chose the waters
The other side, the skies

Give the fish a man,
And it feeds for a day.
Teach it to kill,
And it now hunts us.

So we looked to the heavens
For our saviors.
And they swoop down,
With an evolutionary zeal.

Our monsters fight,
And we relax.
Two wrongs have finally,
Made a right.

The End

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