Playing God- Verse47

Our wings scraped the shining sky as
we we soared along a swarm of clouds,
sculpting their shapes, filling
the blue with white graffiti
above the rooftops of the countryside,
injecting the minds of millions
with wonder.

We predicted the fates of many,
drew them with our fingers.
Before their eyes, we
laid the future before them.
Still, it was only coincidence,
after all.

We told the tales of past lives
to children, illustrating
what was
and is to come.

A boy, Jonah, gazed high above
his head at what we'd styled.
Suddenly, his head filled with horror
and he escaped to the seaside
where we drew a storm for him.

No longer does he stare above
and watch us as we work.
His fortunes sunk him in the sea
and through the walls of Nineveh
where forever, he will be. 

The End

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