Jonah - g2LaPianistaIrlandesa

Visions swarms his brain
scraping his thoughts
clawing for freedom.

They demanded liberation,
lest they have to take it themselves,
and he wouldn't want that.

Stop it, he implores,
pulling a sheet over his head.
I'm nobody's Jonah.

But he still cracks,
ever so slowly,
injecting paper with meaning.

Finally he admits to them,
letting them take over his being,
graffitiing his mind as they wish.

It's what they wanted.
It's what he allowed.
They said they would leave him.

He thought he was doing good
to save himself.
That's what they predicted.

But he was their Jonah.
After denying their call he submitted,
lest they destroy him.

But he always thought there would be
no respite, no matter the promise.
He was, after all, their Jonah.

The End

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