Empty, But Evermore Consumed - Miserabilia

I am Jonah, born again; I suffer
In my dismal chamber. No light could hope
To enter here, no hope could light this gloom.
The cell is walled with tears and elegies
Scraped in mucous: that slimed graffiti is
My inelegant core, and falling, I
Slide and slither, grasping at the foul breath
Which pervades all sense of grace. I am doomed,
Swallowed whole and doomed to my own fatigue.
I am trapped; I am alone. I am swarmed
And plagued upon. This feeling, as it swells,
Like the bile sloshing in this black cavern,
Overtakes me and the darkness all but
Breaks me. Inject me with the tears I've spilled,
And I predict I'll never be fulfilled. 

The End

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