Marble Walls - Gabriel

She stands before the marble wall
And wonders what's beyond —
Beyond the many stacked-up stones,
Beyond this world she's always known,
Beyond the Guards, beyond it all,
Beyond the marble wall.

She's often tried predicting
What lies outside the walls,
But she almost doesn't want to guess.
All her life she's been oppressed;
She fears a world without constricting,
Protective marble walls.

But even though she fears Beyond,
She wants to see that world.
To climb the towering stones and peer
Beyond this life, beyond her fears,
She wants to break her unseen bonds
And glimpse the world outside the walls. 

Painted words, graffiti letters,
Stain the once-white stones.
She wants to scrape them all away;
She doesn't want to hear them say:
There is no way to break the fetters
Of the marble wall.

And as she stands, she is afraid,
For today she has decided:
Today she'll try to make it out,
Even though without a doubt
She'll fail to puncture Their blockade —
These wicked marble walls. 

She feels like Jonah as he tried
To run away from God.
She knows the Guards can always see,
She knows she cannot hope to flee,
She knows there is no place to hide
Inside these marble walls.

But she will try.

She reaches out with trembling hands
to touch the marble wall. 

A trickling crack as thin as thread
appears and slowly spreads.
Like tiny, inky spider webs,
it spreads,
and spreads,
and spreads.

Behind her back, in waves of gray, the Guards begin to swarm.
They call to her:
"Turn back!"

But she does not. She presses on.
The painted words begin to peel.
The cracks,
the spreading, spreading cracks,
the marble wall.
And crack by crack,
stone by stone,
the wall begins to fall.
The cracks create a little hole,
a hole which soon reveals
a sun, some sky, a woody knoll,
a tree . . . so green, so strong, so tall;
so alive, so good, so real:
the world beyond the marble wall.

A trigger pull from the Guards behind —
A needle bites into her neck,
Injecting poison through her veins.
But through the pain, a thought remains:
A tree preserved inside her mind.
A tree outside the marble walls. 

The End

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