Poetry X-Factor: Round 1

This summer, poets from across protagonize will be gathering to compete in a spectacular poetry tournament. Sign up to reveal YOUR hidden talents!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

Whether you have come to this challenge to compete, cheer your friends on, or critique some poetry, you are all very welcome. In this round, we'd like to see as many poets as possible join the competition. For that reason, signups will continue until the end of the day on the 15th, which is also the last time that poems can be submitted.  So tell your friends to sign up!

Link to signups in the sidebar.

Judges will be leaving brief comments and their pass/not-pass signal (thumbs-up for pass, tips-hand for not-pass) below.

Everyone is welcome to critique and discuss the poems and the poets are welcome to edit their poems as they see fit.

And the first challenge is: (Drum roll please...)

Write a poem that contains the following 6 words:

Your poem can be almost any length, but please don't make it longer than, say about 45 lines.

Your poem can be in any format or style, but must be a poem, not prose. (Poems have forced line endings.)

You can use the words in any of their forms/tenses, (eg. swarm, swarms, swarming, swarmed,) although note that Jonah is a proper name and thus more limited.

Once you've written your poem, post it as a page in this 'story'. Give your poem a title, then put a dash, and your username. Example:

Swarming Jonahs - FogCat

Write something fantabulous that will entertain us, surprise us, make us laugh or cry, or make us angry.  (No mature, though, btw.) Have at it, poets!

The End

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