Poetry X-Factor FINAL

Two star poets who have survived 3 rounds of the competition face off in an EPIC final round. And YOU get to vote for the winner!

Ladies and Gentlemen, (and any stray aliens who might be peeking in,) Welcome!

You're joining us for the EPIC final round of this summer's poetry tournament. Rac7hel and Ireneintheworld have written their way through three challenging rounds of the tournament, and are now here to wow your socks off!  Their topic for this final round was "fame" and they also had to select a kind of formal poem in which to write their poem.

And the cool part is: Once both poems are in, everyone is welcome to submit their vote for who should win. Just comment on the 'entire' poem below, and write the name of the poet whose poem you want to vote for.

Everyone feel free to discuss, critique and rate the poems as much as you like... but I encourage you each to make your own decisions as to which poem you think is the stronger of the two.

You'll notice that there are a few extra poems under "Special Guest Star Poems".  These are brought to you by your hard working judges, and are not to be voted on.


The End

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