The Ironic Jukebox

If I walk in here alone,

When I sit among maybe two others

at a distance.

Knowing that my company

Couldn’t spare a penny for the jukebox

- It all goes on escapism -

That is when it starts playing


Louder than when I pay for it.

And every time

It hits me in the core of my head

With lyrics that eat me up

Bad Lyrics:

'People that need people,

are the luckiest in the world.'

I doubt that,

I doubt that very much.


Needing, is detrimental,

but the lyrics continue

Those bad lyrics:

'Everybody's got to have somebody.'

It feels that way right now.

Just as it did yesterday

So why tell me what I already know?


I should rip that bastard off the wall

For all those bad lyrics.

The End

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