A Shadow of Courage

We dash hand in hand from the prospect of mortality

and the pulsing rain that echoes drumbeats that have long faded

from this divine emerald landscape.

A sinister cavern is hunkered in the mossy hillside,

where we can crouch in the palpable shadows

and you reassure me of your presence by only the emanating warmth

thrown from your shoulder, and the soft movement of your breath.

It is no more comforting in this macabre corner of the world

than on the flickering, unnatural globe itself,

but the tension is eased by our private cocoon.

After a century of oblivious comatose sleep we wake from ourselves

and I rise stiffly at the cave’s dripping entrance looking upon the wide world.

I cannot conquer everything but strive at large I will

with only you at my side: a shadow of courage.

The End

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