The Velvet Darkness

The Velvet Darkness that soon will be upon me

comes slowly yet oh so sure, surely

like midnight fog rolling in on a lonely coast.

Before you know it has arrived

 you can smell it's fragrance in the air you breathe,

the air that creeps in from a cold, northern sea,

a cold, northern sea that you can feel is there

yet your searching eyes have never seen.


The Velvet Darkness first covers the hopes

and then the dreams

before it sets upon the splinters of yesterday's regret

and at the end, the daggers of the ever stalking fears.

Here at last, the cold, cold breath

turns strangely warm,

a comforter.


It is here in this final breath,

that Velvet Darkness does take its turn,

and all is white, and all is pure, and all is light,

Sweet, Gentle Light that has come for me,

from the place that has always been just beyond me.


And there is peace, finally.



The End

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