Can you keep a secret?

Promise not to tell?

I swear, please, try to keep it.

But you see, there is this person,

They've grabbed me by my heart and steadily pulled,

What could I do? I simply let myself be lulled.


I swear, please do not tell,

I have kept this secret, for so long, so well,

I promise I will always confide,

If you hold this secret, so I can keep my pride.


He is sweet, with a confident look,

With a sincere demeanor, never following life by the book,

He enraptures me, but no one understands.


Dark hair like a thunder sky,

With a glimmer of hope in his eye,

A smile to brighten up my life--

He has a love, yet concealed,

That I wish can be revealed.


So please, do not tell, please do be silent,

Keep it deep my confidant,

My heart is like a pendant,

If he were to find my truth, the shine would be gone,

The picture within destroyed and lone.


I have a secret that you must keep,

Please, as hard as must, please, in your heart let it sleep.

The End

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