Since I met you


Time is no longer the forgetful old man it used to be

Since I met you.

Hours line up like eager tourists on a city bus,

And with cameras slung around their necks,

Capture every moment passing by. 


Seasons are no longer the sulky children they used to be

Since I met you.

Lord brings out a joyous palette until now unseen, 

And puts his brush to a brand-new canvas, 

As recalcitrant nature stands by. 


Life is no longer the crazed adolescent it used to be

Since I met you.

The soul’s suffused with tranquility like Prince Siddharth’s,

Who set off on enlightenment’s quest, 

Having bid the worldly gains good-bye.


Magic that I thought impossible now washes over me

Since I met you.

The heart’s unfettered like the oblivious mermaid, 

Who’s moved to a dance of gay abandon, 

At the sound of ocean's lullaby. 

The End

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