Hallowed be thy body.

"Marvelous," he breathes,

and I chuckle.

"Only you would use a word like that

at a time like this," I say.

And it's true.

Only he.

"But it is.

You are."


stretch lengthen uncoil twist

"--just a bundle of skin and muscle."

"So cynical."

Brown burnt-chestnut eyes.

"But I am," I point out.

"Human is

as human does."


nuzzle nibble flutter nip

"--are so much more than

a filigree of tendons and bone."

Warm hands. I love

his hands.

"I love your hands,"

I tell him. 

"I love you."

"Tell me about

the places you've been,"

I beg.

Warm wriggling bedsheet creature.

"Let's see, I've been--"

nestle pull close exhale

"--to high mountain tops,

and green fields as wide

as the sea is deep,

and forests as dark as the moon's mouth."

"Were they beautiful?"


Gentle gaping recieving arms.

"After all is said and done

I came back

to my own little girl

and she is more beautiful than all the sunsets in the world."


"You are marvelous,"

I tell him.

"You are mine,"

he says,

"and mine is more marvelous than I."

We sleep,

and all is high

and deep

and wide.

The End

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