Abaddon's Poem Without Sight

Hand bound and blindfolded,
led clumsily into a van.
Jeers & jabs shouldered,
Smiling fearlessly as I can.

Crack-fizz the cans open.
Engine rumbled and Doors shut.
Surrounding guys soften,
'Til we hit Neck break speed abrupt.

Sweet bourbon and cola
Filled the interior air.
Baritone voices holler
In a Testosterone fueled chant.

Dribble, cough and splutter,
made to swig some spirit that burns.
Stomach in a flutter,
Lean with the bends. Sway with the turns.

Ushered out the vehicle
The second we pull to a stop.
Now somewhere loud & cool
Exposed and feeling red hot.

But what destination
Would I find myself on a map?
Left to imagination,
Music, Wolf whistles and back slap.

Here is confession's end
From this innocent abductee.
Vowed not to say what else happened,
By my best man the one and only.

Fulfilling his promise
to my naive bride to be.
The con artist he is,
that not one stripper would I see.

The End

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