Bequestionable-Dine without a host.

Diffuse us, lay. To touch a street of brass.

implode on them before you know too much.

negate the fervor gates. Watch dark, low sway,

emit a glow. Against a lurch of light.

Whose song? No lark, bears hold across the isle.

in cry, we hear. The beat of drums, concave.

trail off, low speech. We die for love and voice.

halation eyes. too blind. the wren to sing-

omit the wits. The sun will shine. Until,

unless, the hand grabs helve, and moves to holt.

Torose. Your skin lies cold. no more, again.


Accite your cults, the cross goes down, once more.


How words come to, befall? Our future known.

Omit the wits. Try naught, believe. Sad sky,

set flame, will know it had the hand to lead,

the moon and sun abroad. He wails, in reign.

The End

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