The Overview

Hello Poets!

This is the third challenge of the 2012 Summer Poetry Tournament!

And we're just getting started. *Maniacal laugh*

This challenge will deal with a form that should be a little more familiar;
the Blank Verse.

At it's simplest form, blank verse is an unrhymed poem written in iambic pentameter. I, of course, am not completely satisfied with this when it comes to our competition. ∴, the Gnashville Blank Verse™ will consist of some extra perimeters:

- A favourite from a past competition; The first letter of your first word can't be repeated anywhere else in that same line.

- All lines are end-stopped.

- The poem must be an acrostic that relates to the content.

No more than 21 lines.

Off with you now, write write write!


All poems are due by July 29th at 8:00 PM PST, if you please.

You'll need to post your own pages after the current last page.
Please title them as [Poet Name] - [Poem Title]

The End

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