The Overview

Hello Poets!

This is the second challenge of the 2012 Summer Poetry Tournament!

Now that you're all warmed up, it's time to get down to the elimination rounds. I'll cut to the chase here; our second challenge is a form known as a THE TRIOLET.
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This is a poetic form that deals with various refrains and manipulation of their meanings.

The example given through the link is by Thomas Hardy:

"Birds At Winter"
Around the house the flakes fly faster,
And all the berries now are gone
From holly and cotoneaster
Around the house. The flakes fly! – faster
Shutting indoors the crumb-outcaster
We used to see upon the lawn
Around the house. The Flakes fly faster
And all the berries now are gone!

As you can see, the first two lines will also be the last two lines in the poem, but the punctuation alters the reading and meaning of each. Careful use of enjambment and a flexible refrain are key.

The lines of your poem should look like so, as per the example given:

Line 1 - Refrain (1) A
Line 2 - Refrain (2) B
Line 3 - A
Line 4 - Refrain (1) A
Line 5 - A
Line 6 - B
Line 7 - Refrain (1) A
Line 8 - Refrain (2) B

The form is well and strict enough already, as such I give you free reign on metre and content.

Most of all, have fun and take our critiques as constructive criticism. This tournament is about the Protagonize community and personal growth as a writer. Don't hesitate to read and review fellow contestants' poems and enjoy every minute of it.

Off with you now, write write write!


All poems are due by July 20th at 8:00 PM PST, if you please.

You'll need to post your own pages after the current last page.
Please title them as [Poet Name] - [Poem Title]

The End

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