ireneintheworld - The Hawk

Bloody men are like bloody buses – 
a thousand windows and a thousand doors. 
Nobody notices the healing process. 
Your beauty is a thunder                         
I watch you tick and tick. 
The door of chance will close  
now you’re the last flame in the grate. 

1 Wendy Cope Bloody Men
2 W.H. Auden Refugee Blues
3 angel-of-darkness Tissue-Paper Tourniquet
4 Maya Angelou Black Ode
5 Helen Dunmore Sean at 8 Weeks
6 Nii Ayikwei Parkes Lapse
7 Patrick McGuinness House Clearance 

The title comes from George Mackay Brown’s poem, The Hawk 

Thanks to all the poets above for allowing me this dawdle with their work.


The End

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