Genially - (a reminiscence)?--

a reminiscence         


My pictures of memories burst into flames

With flickering yellows and reds,

Smouldering through spouts of drifting smoke that shroud

And fade into the wind;

Fallen to dust.

I haven't any memory--have you?—

(I think I made you up inside my head)


 Sources for the poetry I have cheekily pilfered; should any line please you, and demand you find its original friends, I hope this makes them easier to find. Thank you for reading, you darling thing, you.

1 – E.E. Cummings, ‘but the other’

2 - Jee_Blue1875 , ‘Bury Myself In This Grave’ -

3 – Amy Lowell, ‘Azure and Gold’

4 - Siegfried Sassoon, ‘Attack’

5 – Diomedes, ‘Autumn’ -

6 – Oscar Wilde, ‘Requiescat’

7 – Robert Frost, ‘The Exposed Nest’

8 – Sylvia Plath, ‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’

The End

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