ElzuWolfe ~ All We Have


In the window
awakens an old memory,
timeless, that place.
Old dues and new storms -
of old loves, and the colour of your voice.

Life is yours;
make time, give time, take time out -
I want a love like me thinking of you //
thinking of me thinking of you.


In no particular order, I'd like to thank the following artists for
their contributions to my manipulative, poetic theft.

Old Memory by William B Yeats
This Type Love by Saul Williams
Time, Time, Time by Shaun William Hayes

Drums by Xenie

Buttons by TeaOrCoffee

In The Window by LCameron

The End of This Road by BeQuestionable

Life by WritingLife

P.S. Judges, I'd like to make a particular note of how I completely disregarded the rules, and in my utterly devious rebellion smashed through the eight line cap for formatting purposes. So sue me, you cuddly bunch, you.

The End

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