The Overview

Submission page for the first challenge in the 2012 Summer Tournament.

Hello Poets!

This is the first challenge of the 2012 Summer Poetry Tournament!

What does this mean? A great many excellent things, let me assure you.
Many of you have competed before and know how fun these tournaments can be. I promise this one will keep that aspect in focus at all times. I also promise you will find yourself challenged, at times out of your element, and at times possibly feeling a tad peckish. These are all normal and intended effects of this competition.

It's been over a year since the last Seasonal Tournament, so let's start this thing off right, and in the spirit of Protagonize. A style that many of you may not be familiar with, and if you are, have probably not attempted yourself. It's unorthodox and requires not just you, but other poets to be successfully executed. 

This style is.... THE CENTO
( )

A cento is a poem solely created using lines of other poems written by other poets. It requires you to really delve into the poetry of others and pull out new meanings for your own creation. It's indirectly collaborative while being a work truly your own as well. You may have to fuse different writing styles, vocabularies and ideas to create a new, cohesive piece.

This first challenge will not be judged, and there will be no eliminations.
I do ask that you participate in this first challenge if you wish to continue on in the tournament, however.

The limitations for this challenge are as follows:
- You should give sources at the end of the poem for each line,
  The name of the poet and the poem will do just fine. If the poem
  is from another Protag user, it would be polite to include a link. 
- At least one Protagonize poet is used.
- At least one poet outside of Protagonize is used.
- No more than one line used from a single author.
- Please stay away from lyrics and/or movie quotes.
- The poem should be at least 4 lines long, and you should aim for
  a cap of 8 lines.

*Have fun with it, this most definitely doesn't need to be a serious poem.*

All poems are due by July 14th at 4:00 PM PST.

You'll need to post your own pages after the current last page.
Please title them as [Poet Name] - [Poem Title]

The End

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