You implanted an alien in me,
That makes me sick whenever you leave,
 You can't see with obscurities,
It's getting hard for me to breathe.

When you looked into my eyes,
It came to me at that first kiss,
Your touch made me glow inside,
Never have I felt such bliss.

You make me laugh.
You make me smile.
It hurts when I haven't seen you in a while.

You wipe away the tears,
Whenever I cry,
Your voice makes me reach for the sky,

It's an emotion,
That makes my heart go round and round,
It's a devotion,
That makes me hug tighter, and never let go.

You implanted,
An alien in me.
I hold out my hands,
Ready to recieve,
Tears of joy,
And moments of heartache,
But I'll give it all,
For this love.

The End

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