Where I'm from

I'm from a fould in chair. Sitting around the campfire. I'm from Sour Cherries and tosted Pop Tarts.

I'm from snuggling up tight with my parents. I'm from the taste of s'mores and game meat. The left overs, that where in the fridge for a couple of days.

I'm from color on the pallet that was the father's long ago, late into the night. From cloudy days that  brought hope and peace.

I'm from the many times that friends ran for help, and the arms that opened to them emediatly, listening quietly, and giving hope and encoragement.

I'm from the many nights, staying up around the campfire, and in the next morning smelling of smoke and burnt marshmellows. From the many times we imagined, and none of it ever came true, but we all still imagine.

I'm from the late nights chating on the computer, whether it was Myspace, Facebook, or many of the other websites out there. From The video games that brought endless confusion and fun.

 The missing, the longing, that is where I am from...

The End

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