Dream Wanderer

Dozing off through this and that, unable to stay awake,
Off into my own little dream world, a quiet escape,
Fantastical dreamscapes created in the mind,
My personal mission in order to find
Something, I don’t truly know precisely what,
But it’s in my dreams to get there, it’s hot
And cold and I can’t distinguish
What is meant, the candle extinguished
Gives out no light for me to see by,
Nor any warmth or comfort to help me fly,
To fly and soar away from the aches,
In a world of fairies and fluffy cupcakes,
Floating atop the candyfloss clouds
To a place where people are hidden in shrouds
Of pure white and gold, or dark ruby reds,
The loose cloaks pulled right up over their heads,
Secrets hidden behind masks of old lace
Obscuring the skin once considered a face,
Whizzing away along the waves of dark oceans,
To jump up higher on the back of the motion
Of a star falling, running alone through the night,
Seeking out solitude, away from the plight
Of a world without goodness, happiness and love,
Drifting free and easy on the wings of a dove,
Diving down deep into seas of bottle green,
The water filtering images obscene
From my sight, fishes swimming masterfully round
Their bowl on my bedside, there’s a little crown,
Atop my head when I come by.
In my dreams I can fly.

The End

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