Darkness In People

Dark and twisted inside, deep down
you know something's wrong but you can't seem to drown
out the feelings buried deep inside,
the ones you no longer quite want to hide.
Damaged, you feel the extent of the difference
as you try to fit in with the rest of the interests
other people show in their day-to-day lives,
the mundanity of routine, like living in a hive.
Danger, that's what I am, they all think
I will harm them all, bring them  to the brink
when in truth it is only their own suppressed pain
that really is truly, totally to blame.
Dirty, a projection of their own conscience
while they carry on putting forward pretence,
can't let any truth out in case of judgement
but they know it is coming, perhaps they ought to repent.
Draconian, their antiquated morals don't hold up           
nor remain valid in their attempts to get one up
on each other in their callous dog-eat-dog world
as they're pampered, primped, tightened and curled. 

The End

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