The Rose Tapestry

The rose of

The rose of Triumph, blooming, bright,
The rose of victory, caught in scarlet light
The rose of pain that was overcome
The rose of death that was undone.

Blooming, always,
An infinitive beauty
A lamp to light the ways
A sunrise that always stays.

The rose of love, brightest, glory
The rose of joy, the longest story
The rose of peace, palest, palest, sure
The rose of good, white, pure.

Shining forever
Always and all ways
Cooling the fever,
Of those lost in the days.

The rose of loss, fallen, blacked
The rose of death, rotted, cracked
The rose of pain, sagging, shorn
The rose of ache, cutting, all thorn.

Threads, among a tapestry
Working among life’s throne.
And bringing full beauty
With darkness and thorn.

The rose of failure, small, crooked,
The rose of ignorance, sad, hooked,
The rose of sickness, spotted, bent,
The rose of shame, lowest, spent.

Together, pain and love combine,
And loss and victory entwine,
To bring a beauty, a vital bone,
That neither could obtain alone.


The End

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