Frozen In The Cobwebs Of Time

(Lol, I wish there was a way I could make it so that it isn't double spaced, but no, I have to go write it in Word...)

Locked in the past,
Thinking about the future,
Rocketing through the present.

Wondering "How?"
Thinking about "Why?"
Searching for answers to "When?"

Locked in the moment,
A snapshot preserved in memory,
Another moment in time to remember.

Like a painted picture,
A time long ago when all was different,
A time when I was happilly free.

Capturing the details,
Living them over again,
Remembering the sweet freedom once more.

Before racing onward into the future,
Remembering the present before it comes past,
Another memory locked in time.

Unsure what happened next,
Forgetting the real facts,
Letting reality fade into fantasy.

Picking up the paintbrush,
To create a new art-piece of past,
Before racing ahead to the future.

Living life in the fast lane,
Before stopping, defying time's flow,
To paint a new memory that'll soon fade away.

We're all frozen.
Frozen in the cobwebs of time.

The End

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