I Wish...

I wish that my dreams could become a complete reality.

I wish that the world would revive its economy.

I wish that war and pain were non-existant.

I wish that willing hands were always lent.

I wish that people would realize and trust.

I wish that a relationship with God was a choice, not a must.

I wish that everyone could believe that this is true.

I wish they could know that He's there for you.

I wish that we would remember other people have feelings.

I wish we'd realize that other's hearts are broken and bleeding.

I wish we'd stop driving that dagger in again and again.

I wish we'd cease being enemies and begin being a friend.

I wish that all people believed these few things.

I wish they'd come through and have a different song to sing.

I wish, yes, I wish, that I was free.

The End

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