Dreaming of...

Of a land washed with morning dew.
Of a land sparkling in the sun,
With peaks of mountains so high.
Over the peaks rises the golden sun,
Bathing the earth in its rays.
And from the peaks runs a swift, deep stream,
Which cascades to a glorious waterfall.
And at the foot of the waterfall,
A sapphire pool, full of sparkling rainbows.
And near the bank, a golden ship,
That I can scarcely look at,
So bright it's light.
It draws near to shore,
And near a golden dock.
From it descends seven angels fair,
And after it a man with a great aura of power,
Walks out towards me.
He takes my hand,
And with the kindest smile,
Says, " Come my daughter,
And walk with me."


The End

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