Midnight Reflections

Capped with diamond snow,
Stretching skyward,
Through the clouds,
In the navy sky.

Crystal lakes,
With sandy banks,
And whispering trees,
Among the grass,
Along the shore.

Rushing past,
With roaring waterfalls,
And cool, clear pools,
Along the way.

Prairie grasslands,
With foot-tall grasses,
And wildflowers,
Speckling the sleeping green,
With moonlit moths.

All below
The starry sky,
Home to birds and
Bees and butterflies,
And glorious sunrises.

At midnight,
When the sky is dark,
The crescent moon’s
Dim rays bathing
The earth in light.

And soon to morning,
When moon set comes,
To hide with all the stars,
Leaving moon brought dew
To start a brand new day.


The End

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